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A list with descriptions of the types of signs we are capable of making.

Our Products and Services


Standard Signs

  • Billboard/Hoarding
  • Rezoning
  • Parking/Safety/Informational
  • Jobsite
  • Building Fascia
  • Room/Directional

Room / directional

Room numbers and names aren’t always glamorous, but they are an important part of making workers and visitors feel welcome by allowing them to find their way easily. What’s more, your room signage makes an unconscious impression on visitors! Make your directional signs work for you. Whether you need your signs to be simple or fancy, we’ll create all the signage you need for your building.


Make every project into a promotional opportunity - keep a supply of jobsite signs on hand, and put them up wherever you’re working! It’s an inexpensive, effective way to increase awareness of your company. If potential clients see and like what you’ve done on a project, make sure they know how to get in touch with you. We can do large signs for fences/buildings, mini lawn signs, and anything in between.


Need a rezoning sign, fast? Just provide us with the proper rezoning information and the property map, as either a high resolution photo or a vector file, and we’ll do the rest! We have a standardized layout that just needs information. Printed and laminated to withstand weather, and then applied to a sturdy piece of crezone, this sign will work well for you! 

Building fascia

The signage on your building not only marks your business location, it tells everyone who you are and what they can expect from you. Make sure you’re saying all the right things with well-designed, professionally installed quality signage!

Parking / safety / informational

Keep your employees, customers and visitors safe and informed. Mark your parking spaces, put up a no trespassing sign for your yard, direct traffic around the roadway, show visitors the way! Standard signs are a snap but if you need a custom design that’s no problem! We can make your signs stand out during the day and at night by using night reflective vinyl. Ask us about specialty products such as safety decals, parking hang-tags, traffic stands and more.

Billboard / hoarding

Got a billboard? We’ll print it! Ask us about our billboard design services, or provide us with your own file to print. Our durable billboards will stay great-looking in any kind of weather. We can also print large-format panels for construction hoardings.



Specialty Signs and Applications

  • Backlit Panels
  • Router Cut Lettering
  • Awning Lettering
  • Window Glass Etch
  • Cedar Blast Signs
  • Window Perforation Panels
  • Floor Graphics

Back-lit panels

We make translucent panels for pre-existing back-lit boxes, using solid colored vinyls, full color prints or a combination. If you have an existing panel, we can recycle it by cleaning and refacing it. In addition we can print thin back-lit plastic panels for indoor back-lit displays!

Cedar blast signs

If you want an attractive, durable sign that says quality and longevity, a wonderful option is to have a custom cedar blasted and painted sign. Ask us for more information!

Window glass etch

Glass etch decaling will give your windows the appearance of being custom sandblasted. It’s the perfect way to provide privacy in your office while still letting light in. Give your business space a classy look by discreetly incorporating your company logo into glassed or mirrored areas. Window etch is also a nice way to display your office information and hours on the front door. For your home, glass etch decaling is a cost-effective and attractive way to add privacy to windows and doors, whether with a plain panel or a cut design to match your decor and display your creativity. Even your vehicle can be enhanced with etch lettering decals. It looks like sandblast, but can be removed with no damage to the glass!


Window perforation panels

Perforated printed panels are a terrific way to add graphics to your windows that are visible from the outside, while still allowing you to look through the glass from the inside. They’re popular for vehicles and shop windows, but can be applied to any transparent surface! Panels are mainly used for advertising, but they can be functional too - if you’re looking for a way to cut down on heat and glare from your window while still allowing you to see through, a perforated panel might be the solution you need.

Router cut lettering

Make your lettering stand out! Whether for indoor or outdoor use, we can design, cut and install your three-dimensional router-cut lettering. Letters and shapes can be cut from gator foam, sintra, acrylic, wood, dibond, aluminum and more, then vinyl sheeted or painted to be any color you wish. We can also print multicolored logos, designs and textures to apply to your cut out shapes.

Floor graphics

Take a look at your floor…are you overlooking a valuable advertising opportunity? Durable printed floor graphics will grab your customers’ attention. They’re also great for directing visitors!

Awning lettering

We can letter awnings of any size, in plain or fancy lettering and with optional printed logos or pictures. We can also print panels to cover old lettering.     







  • Decals
  • Wraps
  • Magnets


We are specialists in vehicle decals! Whether you need a simple set of GVW numbering or a complete logo and striping kit, we can do it! We can create whatever color combination you wish – choose from shiny metallic, glittery ultra-metallic and a rainbow of solid color vinyls, or have a custom texture printed in full color!


With magnets you can add or remove your logo and information on your vehicle whenever you wish - great for employees using their own vehicles, or if you use your vehicle for more than one purpose. They’re not just for vehicles either – stick them to metal cabinets, machinery, appliances and more! Have your magnets cut from solid or metallic vinyl, or printed in full color! We can even cut your magnets into custom shapes.


A vehicle wrap is a great promotional tool that’s guaranteed to get you noticed. Consult our wrap specialist to discuss a full or partial wrap that will suit your vehicle and your budget.




Promotional and Functional Products

  • Decals
  • Magnets
  • Static Clings
  • Banners
  • Tabletop and Display Signs
  • Dry Erase Boards
  • Chalk Boards
  • A-boards
  • Pop-up Banners
  • Kiosks and Standups
  • Rinkboards and Ice Mesh


Whether you need to label your equipment or products, or promote your business or sports team, we can create the decals you need. Take a look through our gallery for just a few examples including shaped, full color, clear, night reflective and metallic finish decals.



Refrigerator magnets are a fun, popular way to get your message in front of people and keep it there! Have us print your magnet design in full color. Custom magnets can also be made for vehicles, message boards and more.


Chalk Boards

Do you need a message board, A-board or flat board to write daily specials or keep an itinerary? Prefer chalk to dry-erase markers? Just let us know, and we can create a Chalk board on your project! We use special black chalkboard paint to coat any surface, be it metal, wood, or plastic, and transform it into a chalkboard.



Also called “sandwich boards”, these are an excellent choice to put outside your shopfront and draw foot traffic to your business. Choose a sturdy wooden board, or a metal-framed board with coroplast inserts that you can easily swap in and out. With either type of board, you can add an optional dry-erase laminate that will let you write and change your messages daily.

Static clings

Static cling vinyl decals are removable and reusable! They’re great for places where you don’t want to apply a permanent decal. Use clings on your car windows and other smooth surfaces. They can be written on, so are popular for “next tune-up” type reminders.

Pop-up banners

These full-color banners with lightweight portable stands are popular for traveling to trade shows. When you’re not traveling, they make super space-saving, eye-catching displays to greet visitors to your shop or office area.


Display banners for both indoor and outdoor events and promotions, as well as for temporary building signage. Your text can be applied with vinyl lettering, a color photo or logo can be printed and added, or we can print a full-color banner design. Banners come standard with brass grommets every two feet but if you have specific needs we can make your banner with custom grommet configurations, add pockets for dowelling, or add wind vents. We also provide custom heavy-duty street banners that meet City of Kamloops specifications.

Kiosks and stand-ups

We can make grommetted or Velcro-tabbed signs for your trade show booth or display screen, as well as take care of your tabletop and floor signage! Have you considered a stand-up figure to draw attention to your booth? Chat with us and we’ll suggest the best ideas for your kiosk or booth.

Tabletop and display signs

Tell customers about new promotions, or provide a tidy, smart looking informational sign. Add a small tabletop sign to your trade show booth or your office counter. Standup signs can also be placed on vehicles at shows and promotions. Larger signs can be made to any size you need - add a stand or grommets for hanging. Signs can be printed, made with vinyl-cut lettering, or a combination of both! If you plan to reuse the sign in coming years, we can create an economical sign design that will allow you to change dates and other information as needed. We can even make slide-in rails with changeable tabs for more frequently changed information like times on schedules, prices on menus, or whatever you can think of!

Dry erase boards

Dry erasable boards have many uses - write your special of the day, or tell customers about your latest promotions and products. Combine with a portable A-board for even better advertising value. Get organized in the workplace and stay on top of your schedule with a calendar board – we can set your calendar up to any configuration you need, and even print it in a full color custom design to complement your work area. Keep track of employees with an erasable in/out grid – boards can be made magnetic as well! Ask us about custom name and number magnetic tags to add to your board.



Rink-boards and ice mesh

Have you purchased advertising space in a sports arena? We can make your rink-board panels, as well as in-ice printed logos. If you’ve rented a back-lit sign, we can put your company information and logo on your back-lit panel as well!


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Large Format Full Color


Digital Printing

Large format printing is all we do. We are deep in experience in this highly specialized field, and have knowledgeable people you can talk to about your job. We have the skill, and the capacity, to turn your job around quickly and affordably.

Our state of the art equipment provides us ability to produce virtually any imaginable signs, banners, posters, vehicle and floor graphics, exhibits, custom made wall coverings, murals, labels or decals.


Full Color Graphics & Signage

Mounting and Laminating

Mounting and laminating provide the ideal solution to finish your order. We can offer a wide range of mounting and laminating options to suit your specifications and budget. Lamination process offers better protection from wear and tear or extends the life expectancy.

We can apply your large format print to one of many different substrates like for example Coroplast, Styrene, Sintra, Foam Board, etc. We provide mounting solutions for the end user needs to hang or display a point of purchase banner or graphic.


CNC Routering Services

What is a CNC Routing?

CNC stands for computer numerical control. It is a general term used to describe a piece of machinery that operates under computer control.

Our CNC Router Table can quickly, economically and accurately produce intricate designs that otherwise would take many hours to produce by hand.
Cutting can be done from your CAD files or we can produce files from your drawings or even rough sketches.

What we can do?

We can cnc routing high density foam, MDF, plastic, acrylic, corian, soapstone or alupanels. 

CNC routing services are ideal for anyone who is looking for a custom cutouts or carved panels. We specialise in short to medium run routing and signmaking services.

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We take the time to ensure that each sign that we produce is of the highest quality.

We're committed to excellence!

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