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Awning Lettering

Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza awning

We can letter awnings of any size, in plain or fancy lettering and with optional printed logos or pictures. We can also print panels to cover old lettering.

Back-Lit Panels

We make translucent panels for pre-existing back-lit boxes, using solid colored vinyls, full color prints or a combination. If you have an existing panel, we can recycle it by cleaning and refacing it. In addition we can print thin back-lit plastic panels for indoor back-lit displays!

Cedar Blast Signs

If you want an attractive, durable sign that says quality and longevity, a wonderful option is to install a custom cedar carved and painted sign. Ask us for more information!

Floor Graphics

Take a look at your floor…are you overlooking a valuable advertising opportunity? Durable printed floor graphics will grab your customers’ attention. They’re also great for directing visitors!

LED Back-Lit Signs

LED back-lit signs are a great way to spotlight your advertisements and graphics day and night. With their evenly-lit glow, these signs add extra radiance and vibrancy to any translucent graphic placed in the frame. It's easy to remove and replace the reusable printed inserts - add value and versatility to your LED frame by ordering multiple inserts at the same time, then change them around whenever you like!

Router Cut Lettering

Make your lettering stand out! Whether for indoor or outdoor use, we can design, cut and install your three-dimensional router-cut lettering. Letters and shapes can be cut from gator foam, sintra, acrylic, wood, dibond, aluminum and more, then vinyl sheeted or painted to be any color you wish. We can also print multicolored logos, designs and textures to apply to your cut out shapes.

Window Glass Etch

Glass etch decaling will give your windows the appearance of being custom sandblasted. It’s the perfect way to provide privacy in your office while still letting light in. Give your business space a classy look by discreetly incorporating your company logo into glassed or mirrored areas. Window etch is also a nice way to display your office information and hours on the front door. For your home, glass etch decaling is a cost-effective and attractive way to add privacy to windows and doors, whether with a plain panel or a cut design to match your decor and display your creativity. Even your vehicle can be enhanced with etch lettering decals. It looks like sandblast, but can be removed with no damage to the glass!

Window Perforation Panels

Perforated printed panels are a terrific way to add graphics to your windows that are visible from the outside, while still allowing you to look through the glass from the inside. They’re popular for vehicles and shop windows, but can be applied to any transparent surface! Panels are mainly used for advertising, but they can be functional too - if you’re looking for a way to cut down on heat and glare from your window while still allowing you to see through, a perforated panel might be the solution you need.

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